I Said It 4-17-17: Belichick and Braves

I write this afternoon with the sincere feeling that I should instead be outside enjoying the weather. Sorry, mom. Nonetheless — today’s sampling of jokes:

  • Today’s the Boston Marathon, from what I hear. I wouldn’t know, I’m too busy marathoning old episodes of Rick and Morty. It’s exercise for my eyes, okay?
  • Back in 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Marathon. She ran it again this year, too. Talk about a comeback! Your move, Brett Favre.
  • Yesterday was Bill Belichick’s birthday. I’m sure the party was crazy.
  • A sportswriter for NBC caused a bit of a stir when he said unfurling the American flag at a baseball game is “too political.” He said this, of course, at an Atlanta Braves home game. What happened to the good old days of hating on the Braves for their questionably-Native-American-inspired team name? Things were simpler then…

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