I Said It 5-20-17: Sexy Brady and Celtics

By Producer Alex

I’m a little late on this one, but then again, considering the Celtics never even showed up to Game Two, I think I’m doing pretty okay…

We’re going edgy today, mostly to boost readership and start ugly fights in the comments section. Seriously, let ‘er rip for me.

  • Blue Jays CF Kevin Pillar got suspended for two games because he shouted a homophobic slur at another player… If I tell him to quit acting like a fa***t can I get two days off too? 

  • TB12 did a sexy photo shoot as a new representative for Aston Martin… Not quite “Candy-O,” but it’ll do the trick if ya know what I mean… Kevin Pillar wouldn’t like me for saying that. 

  • Tim Tebow accidentally drilled a guy in the nuts with an errant throw. He still can’t complete a pass, eh? 

  • The Celtics have dug themselves a 2-0 hole that looks almost as insurmountable as my student debt… 

Now please, call me something stupid in the comments section and let the fun begin…

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