Breaking News: Rob Gronkowski Restructures Contract

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In a move to keep a team and their superstar happy, the New England Patriots restructured tight end Rob Gronkowski’s contract in what is now his sixth year of his eight year contract.

According to CBS Sports, the contract is very incentive based.

‪First tier, which gets him to $10.75M either 90 percent play time, 80 catches, 1,200 receiving yards or All-Pro — and he’s made All-Pro four times.‬

‪Second tier to $8.75M: he has to get 80 percent play time, 70 catches, 1,000 receiving yards or 12 TDs.‬

‪Third tier takes him to $6.75M is 70 percent play time, 60 receptions, 800 receiving yards or 10 TDs.

To put it simply, the more Gronkowski plays, the more he is paid and Patriots fans will hope that he receives the maximum amount that he can which would make him the highest-paid tight end in the NFL.‬

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