I Said It 7-21-17: Matt Patricia, The Panda, and Parole

By Producer Alex

Time for more Producer Alex Antixxx… What? I was told a little XXX would increase my views…

  • So Matt Patricia needs to be defended for wearing that Roger Goodell clown shirt. And Belichick was under fire for wearing this. I’m starting to see why the NBA has a dress code. These folks are already controversial enough before they put their clothing on. Nobody is saying they shouldn’t put their clothing on, but still…
  • You’ve seen that Red Sox pitcher Doug Fister, right? I always get a kick out of his name… Fister? I don’t even know her.
  • OJ just got parole… I expect that we’ll find the real killer very soon.
  • After his fortunate release from the Sox, Pablo Sandoval says he has a few teams interested in him but the only confirmed offer is a minor league deal… If dating has taught me anything, it’s that if Pablo expects to bounce back that fast, he might have to drop down a few leagues…

I looked it up and it turns out that my last post got a full nine clicks. So, I’d like to thank my followers personally… Both of you.

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