Reflecting on Sandoval’s Worst Moments in Boston

Photo Credit: Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox officially released one of the biggest mistakes in the club’s recent history and he’s already back with his old club.

Sandoval was only in Boston for three years, but his time costed the team $95 million, and the team got virtually nothing in return. While he was here, he played in 162 games, batted .237, hit 14 home runs and played just 7 games in the 2016 season. He was not only a big time flop, but he was also quite annoying to write and hear about.

Every time Sandoval was in the news these past few years we just knew that it was going to be embarrassing for the teams and the fans. So to make this bitter-sweet article even more bitter, I’m going to list the five most shameful Sandoval moments of the past three years:

  1. The tummy picture

“The Panda” looked way out of shape when he showed up to Spring Training in 2015, then had a horrible season. So we were all excited to see how he looked the next year since there were talks that he was working out. We showed up to Spring Training the next season and the first picture was saw was this one. We all put our head down in disappointment.

  1. Slamming bat against table during a rant with a Red Sox beat writer

In March of 2016, MassLive’s Christopher Smith reported that according to advanced metrics, Sandovol was the worst defensive third basemen in the league. He then slammed a bat on the table in frustration.

  1. Challenging then-Boston Globe beat reporter Steve Silva to a workout contest

Silva probably would’ve won.

  1. Creeping on Instagram during a game

This one was really bad. Why was he on his phone during the game? Why is he on Instagram? Why is he being active on Instagram? I did laugh when I first saw it, but was upset when the laugh ran dry.

  1. The broken belt

This was when we all knew the Red Sox had officially lost $95 million.

Great money spent Red Sox, you got five highlights out of it.

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