Transfer Window Closes Today

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The summer transfer window closes Wednesday, Aug. 9.

The Revolution have added Claude Dielna as defensive depth. The Frenchman’s addition still leaves the Revolution with five open roster spots. The breakdown of the roster allows for 20 senior roster spots, four supplemental spots and six reserve spots. Once Dielna is truly on the books for the Revolution, they will be looking at a full 20 senior roster spots. Three supplemental and two reserve spots are left over to fill.

Brian Bilello, Revolution president, has been quoted on Twitter responding to a fan, “Yes our plan is to still make additional move(s) this window and there are a # of things in process.” He has noted that we previously had offers out to players but none had taken us up on those chances. On that note, here are a few moves the Revs could pull off, with their current set-up.

Dilly Duka – free agent

Going through a recent scan of the free agent list for the MLS, former Columbus Crew player Dilly Duka was recently waived on July 10th, 2017. Duka’s most recent salary was at $175,000 which would mean he would be able to be put on the supplemental or reserve roster. He has scored twice against the Revolution (the enemy of your enemy is a friend). He has proved to be a great player when positioned correctly. He has great speed and technical ability. As recent as 2016, he had a salary of $62,508, it seems as though you may end up getting him on the cheaper side.

Teal Bunbury & Scott Caldwell – trade

Bunbury needs to be traded to a team who will put him to a better use than the Revs. Bunbury has scored three goals in 16 games played and three games started. The Revolution could use a player of quality in the winger position to match the strength of Diego Fagundez on the left. Since Teal’s form is definitely not of a higher caliber player, I would add Scott Caldwell as another trade piece. Scott is another player who you can look at as a surplus to this team. Gershon Koffie and Xavier Kouassi (when healthy) are great players in the position that Scott plays. Caldwell is not as physically able as either of those two. Kouassi is getting back to full strength. He has been on the bench for the past two games. Combined, the two have a total salary of $385,000.

Kevin Molino would be a good grab from Minnesota United FC. His latest salary is $350,000. We would definitely be able to mark up his salary to convince him to sign. Minnesota is still in the building phase, so after a season of 21 starts, 5 goals, and 7 assists. The two strong players that could be starters would be a nice grab for one player that wasn’t up to the task for Minnesota. He would be a great super sub for the Revolution. He definitely could make a case for starting if he fit in the Revs style and had a season like he had in Orlando in 2016.

Kei Kamara – trade

Kamara has been falling off of his high horse from his last season with the Columbus Crew. There are a few people who would say a trade away would be worthwhile. Especially since he is heading back towards great form, his stock for a trade is that much higher. With a salary of $800,000, Kamara makes a great trade piece for another DP level player within the league. At this point, a simple move that we could make to SKC for Roger Espinoza. We keep our strikers as is and bring in a proven game-winning assist maker. SKC gets a proven goalscorer and someone to replace Dom Dwyer as the powerhouse. This is betting on SKC not getting Krisztian Nemeth this transfer window.


The Revolution would do well to make some sort of noise happen tomorrow. At least, Brian Bilello or Mike Burns should put out a list of offers that were made during this transfer window. Diehard supporters have heard nothing since Dielna’s signing and were promised some sort of attempt at another signing. The fans are extremely disheartened at this fact and may start to show their unhappiness during games going forward if nothing further is to happen this window.

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