Prime Time’s 10 Suggestions to Rename Yawkey Way 

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The latest buzz around Boston has been surrounding the potential name change of the historic street, Yawkey Way.

While awaiting an official name change, take a look at some potential options:

10. 2004th Street


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The year the curse was broken. 2004 is a year no Sox fan is likely to forget, and this name would pay homage to the team that made it all happen.

9. Wally Way


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Wally is the Sox beloved mascot. Though his list of accomplishments may not compare to the other contenders on this list, he is nonetheless a piece of Red Sox culture worth honoring.

8. Pedro Martinez Way

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Pedro Martinez is a favorite throughout Red Sox Nation. In addition to his incredibly successful career as a Boston pitcher, he has been known to give back to the community as an active contributor to various charities.

7. Jerry Remy Way


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Remy is an accomplished broadcaster who has been with the organization for 30 years. Fans and players alike have great respect for this prominent Boston figure who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to the Red Sox.

6. Dick Williams Way


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Dick Williams was manager for the Sox from 1967-69. Williams helped redirect the course of the franchise in ’67, the Year of the Impossible Dream. His emphasis on team values and fundamentals helped shape modern baseball in Boston, which deserves recognition.

5. Yastrzemski Way

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Carl Yastrzemski took over for Williams at left field. In his career, he was selected to 18 All-Star teams, won three AL batting titles, won six Gold Gloves, and is the only Red Sox player in the 3,000-hit club. That’s a laundry list of accomplishments that qualify Yaz for consideration.

4. Williams Way


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Ted Williams was arguably the greatest hitter in baseball history, in addition to being the greatest player to ever don a Red Sox jersey. His legendary career in Boston makes him an excellent contender for the retitling.

3. Jimmy Fund Way


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The Red Sox adopted the Jimmy Fund as their official charity in 1953. Ever since then, the entire Red Sox organization has continued their relationship with Dana-Farber to raise awareness and funding for cancer research and care. Former team president Larry Lucchino said it best: “The Red Sox are part of the fabric of this city and the Jimmy Fund is an inseparable part of the Red Sox.”

2. Jackie Robinson Way


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In 1954, the Red Sox held a tryout for black players, including Jackie Robinson. He went through with the tryout knowing it would be a wash, as it was initiated with no intention of any black players actually being signed. Considering that the potential name change is a reflection of Yawkey’s undoubtably racist history, it would be fitting to rename the street after Robinson, who was directly impacted by Yawkey’s racial discrimination and broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball.

1. Big Papi/David Ortiz Way


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The most obvious choice. Not only is David Ortiz one of the greatest and most loved players in Red Sox history, he is also one of the most charitable men to ever play the game. His combined skill and outstanding character make him a favorite among Sox fans, including owner John Henry. 










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