Ranking the Bruins’ Top Rivalries

Photo Credit: Rick Stephens

The Boston Bruins have been no stranger to rivalries since their creation on Nov. 1, 1924, and with a possibility of another rivalry blooming with the Las Vegas Golden Knights, it seemed like the perfect time for a recap of the greatest Bruins rivalries of all time.

#5 – New York Rangers

Can you really talk about the city of Boston’s rivals without mentioning New York? You bet not.  The rivalry peaked in the 1970’s when it was Derek Sanderson vs. Brad Park and each side absolutely hated each other, although now it’s slightly less intense.

#4 – Vancouver Canucks

The Bruins and the Canucks rivalry has been burning strong since the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup win, ending the B’s 39-year cup drought.

# 3 – Philadelphia Flyers

When the Broad Street Bullies meet the Big Bad Bruins, it’s always a good time.

# 2 – Toronto Maple Leafs

One of three original six rivalries in this countdown, the Bruins and Leafs have been rivals since the start of the league, intensified with the trade of Phil Kessel (who’s a Stanley Cup Champion, in case anyone forgot). And no, we haven’t forgotten about Game 7 in 2013.

# 1 – Montreal Canadiens

It was no doubt that last season’s disappointing Winter Classic loss to the Canadiens showed the fire between these two teams was missing, but there’s no denying the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry could very well be the most iconic rivalry in the history of the NHL.

Honorable side rivalry mention – Tim Thomas and Carey Price

The two goaltenders respected each other, but man did it sometimes seem like they hated each other.

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