Marchand Will Not Be Suspended for High Hit Saturday Night

Photo credit: NBC Sports

The Boston Bruins dodged a bullet as it looks like Brad Marchand will not be suspended for his high hit on Islanders captain John Tavares.

In the third period of the team’s 3-1 win over the Islanders, Marchand hit Tavares high, resulting in a major interference penalty.

Given Marchand’s lengthy suspension history, many expected the Bruins superstar to be suspended for the hit, but the NHL has not scheduled a hearing and it thus it looks like Marchand will not be facing any discipline.

The Bruins lucked out with the ruling, but the fact of the matter is they need more discipline from their best players.

Marchand is the face of the Bruins and his actions have lead to discipline in the past, hurting the Bruins playoff hopes many times.

Marchand has already missed several games this year with an injury, and the team can’t afford to have him out for any longer.

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