Working Out With Quarterback Sean Brackett

Photo Credit: Prime Time Sports Talk

To play football, one has to be in peak physical condition and almost everyday at Worcester Fitness, you’ll find Massachusetts Pirates quarterback Sean Brackett working on his craft.

Today I worked out with him and asked questions about what his routine is like.

SG: What does your workout look like a day after game?

SB: It’s more of a recovery day, I try and do more running, sprints, and light body weight exercises. When you get hit, it just feels like a truck hitting you at full speed and because of this my body is incredibly sor.

SG: On days after recovery, what is your rep count, and routine look like?

SB: I like to hit a muscle group with four sets of five to build strength. But it all depends on what my body need cause I don’t want to get to big and not be able to throw the ball.

After this past Saturday’s game and as we were going through our workout, we talked about what could be better going forward with his game because even though they picked up the win, Brackett still thinks about those two interceptions against Maine constantly.

“The first one I was a little late, I just have to think about taking the five-step drop with one hitch and let it go,” Brackett said. “I think I just held the ball too long, it’s a timing thing that we have to clean up.”

Bracket then said more of the same thing about the second interception saying that it’s all in the timing of the throw.

“Second one was the same thing, it was another corner route, I just missed that a little bit and left it inside,” Brackett said. “It’s all about timing, it’s all about landmarks and I have to work on the timing just as much as I have to work on myself out there.”

That’s exactly what we worked on in the gym as Brackett demonstrated a shoulder workout that helps with the throwing motion.

Next workout, was explosiveness and we decided to hit this together. Brackett uses this machine to avoid getting hit by strengthening the legs. Here he allowed me to demonstrate (we decided to keep it clean for the kids at home by keeping the camera at the waste up).

Brackett and the Pirates are set to take on the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks tonight at 7:00 p.m at the DCU Center.

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