Beers N’ Bruins Podcast Ep. 3: Anastasia Zolides

Welcome to episode 3 of my new Beers N’ Bruins Podcast, a production of the Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast. This is where host Mark Allred steps out of the studio to get what’s on the minds of the Boston Bruins die-hards while enjoying a few beers.

In this episode diehard Boston Bruins fan Anastasia Zolides joined me for a great discussion about the Bruins and other interesting topics. I thank Anastasia for her time and I’m glad we finally got together to talk.

Also mentioned in this episode is a call for help as a young man and his family struggle with life after an awful on-ice injury resulting in being hit from behind. Please donate to Zac’s and his family’s cause at the link provided below. Thanks!

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