Meet the Prime Time Sports Talk Team

Sam Gordon / CEO, Lead New England Patriots Writer

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Gordon is the founder of Prime Time Sports Talk and the EVVY Award winning host of its weekly radio show on WECB. Gordon has been keeping his followers up to date on all Patriots happenings for over a decade. Gordon also works for Emerson College organizations EIV and WEBN as a broadcaster and writer of sports, politics and entertainment. He is the editor of the Patriots Platform.

Nate Rollins / Editor-in-Chief, Site Designer, Lead Boston Red Sox Writer

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Rollins is the site designer and editor of Red Sox Row. A junior journalism major at Emerson College, Rollins was brought to Fenway Park for the first time at the age five. Over the years, he was in the stands to witness the Mother’s Day Miracle and the David Well’s comebacker. He also serves as a voice on Prime Time Sports Talk on WECB.

Jack Aylmer / Co-founder, Lead Boston Celtics Writer

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Aylmer takes the reins as the lead author and editor of Celtics Corner. Aylmer is the co-founder of the weekly radio show and has had hundreds of quality articles published throughout a myriad of outlets.

Davis Ender / Lead Boston Bruins Writer

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Ender was born and raised in Santa Clarita, California. He’s a die-hard sports, and have always loved hockey. Something about the combination of the NHL’s speed and physicality has always been entertaining to me.

Caleb Hudson / New England Patriots Contributor

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Hudson joins the crew as a contributor to the Patriots Platform. He has moved all over the United States and has worked in the broadcast journalism industry since the age of 12. He is most certainly a die-hard sports fan and his goal is to one day be the voice and face of ESPN.

CJ Rogers / Boston Red Sox Contributor

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Rogers is a student-athlete at Emerson College while majoring in journalism. He is using sports journalism as a way to still interact with the games he loves on another level. He is also executive producer for Emerson Channel Sports.

Max DeLuca / Boston Red Sox Contributor, New England Revolution Contributor

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DeLuca is a student-athlete majoring in journalism at Emerson College. Sports are a huge part of who he is as he has been spoiled as a viewer of New England teams for his whole life. DeLuca has worked for Scout Media, The Berkeley Beacon, The Brockton Enterprise and various other media platforms over the past three years.

Steve Lalonde / Boston Bruins Contributor, Boston Celtics Contributor, Boston Red Sox Contributor

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Lalonde is an avid New England sports viewer who hails in Ottawa, Canada. You can always find him at the Bruins game in Ottawa.

Nora Kent / Boston Bruins Contributor

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Kent, our newest Bruins writer, has had a passion for hockey for as long as she can remember. The Massachusetts native has also always loved creating hockey related content, whether it be video montages, articles and photos.

Sean McGinness / Boston Red Sox Contributor

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McGinness brings a wealth of knowledge on the Red Sox to Prime Time Sports Talk. Known for his pre-game and post-game notes, the Southern New Hampshire native adds a dynamic dimension to the site.

Christopher Creighton / Lead New England Revolution Writer

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Creighton has been a Revolution follower since 95′. Not much slips past this Massachusets native on the pitch.

Dylan Corey / Boston Celtics Contributor

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Corey is a lifelong viewer of Boston sports and is majoring in Mass Media Communications at Henderson State University. While the 18-year-old follows all sports, he has an undying love for the Celtics and hopes to eventually cover them for a living.

Ray Petree / Boston Celtics Contributor

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Petree went to his first Celtics game when he was 11 years old, and has been hooked ever since. A basketball aficionado, he’s studying sports journalism to become a basketball writer for Bleacher Report or Bill Simmons’ ‘The Ringer’.

Hannah Brewitt / Boston Red Sox Contributor

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Brewitt is a student-athlete at Emerson College where she studies Journalism. She is a New Hampshire native and has been a diehard New England sports viewer for as long as she can remember. She is pursuing a career in sports journalism with a focus on broadcast and print.

Strictly Radio Team

Tay Thai / Show Producer

Thai is the producer of the EVVY winning radio show, Prime Time Sports Talk. Rotating from the control room to the face on the television, Thai has worked on many broadcast television networks and now has decided to dive into the world of radio journalism as the most recent addition to the Prime Time Sports Talk team. She is a sophomore broadcast journalism major at Emerson College.

Jillian Gearin / Assistant Show Producer

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Gearin is a senior broadcast journalism major at Emerson College where she also plays on the varsity softball team. Her passion for Boston sports began at age six when she only cared about Pedro Martinez, not the Red Sox. Spending evenings with her father learning about sports was a core part of her childhood. Gearin struggled with the idea of pursuing sports broadcasting as a career, as she also had a passion for volunteering and helping those in need. Watching how Boston came together after the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 and the Red Sox winning the World Series was the validation Gearin needed to pursue a life in sports broadcasting.

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